Your perfect cooking companion

PantryChef is a mobile app that will be your perfect cooking companion, offering personalized recipes based on the current items you have in your pantry. From recipe recommendations just for you to a handy grocery list and exclusive store coupons.

Client: Daemon Baldwin, MDIA 3165 - Vector Graphics
Services: Branding, Logo Design, UI Design
Duration: 3 weeks
Tools: Adobe Illustrator, InVision, Sketch


The final assignment for our MDIA 3165 Vector Graphics class at BCIT focused on the technical aspects of using Sketch and Adobe Illustrator while utilizing our design, layout, and typography skills to craft the user interface for a mobile app.

This assignment was divided into three parts, each to be completed within a week’s time frame:

  1. Choose an app idea and develop the branding using Adobe Illustrator
  2. Create a wireframe for the app using Sketch and prototype it using InVision
  3. Complete the user interface design and finalize the prototype


The technical requirements for this assignment reinforced our knowledge in using Sketch and taking into consideration best practices. A few of the best practices for Sketch included:

  • Applying text styles for all type and layer styles for graphics
  • Creating symbols for reusable elements with overrides